Excellence is our company strategy!

Yiannis Constantinides Chartered Certified Accountants was founded in 2004 by Yiannis Constantinides ( CV LINK ) and became Limited Company in 2007.We are an established and reputable firm of professional accountants and auditors located in Paphos ( Address Here )

Yiannis Constantinides is an accountant with the professional designation of ‘chartered status’. He has a strong background in accounting and has garnered valuable industrial experience.

Accounting, Audit, Tax, and Advisory Services are offered by our organization.

Whether you are an international firm trying to establish a presence in Cyprus or a Cyprus company looking to expand, success in today’s business environment necessitates the ability to rely on a team of reliable business partners.

We endeavor to provide our clients with a comprehensive range of quality services in today’s world of great financial pressure and competitiveness, as well as in a global corporate climate with changing standards, filing needs, and new tax and compliance legislation.

We are committed to ensuring the success of our clients, coworkers, and communities. Our consultants strive to gain a thorough understanding of what is essential to you, your company, and your industry. This knowledge, together with a team of highly driven and competent specialists who work with you, contributes to the acceleration of your advantage.

Yiannis Constantinides skilled and professional personnel are committed to offering the highest quality of professional services in order to meet the demands and requirements of our clients.

Our Mission

Our firm’s aim is to provide personal professional services to all of our clients by involving senior management in all of the work we do.

Our Principles

We are devoted to ensuring our clients’ pleasure by delivering an easy-to-use and simple bookkeeping procedure, accounting, audit, tax, and advisory services.


Excellence implies that we expect more of ourselves than our clients do. We are distinct because of what we do, the standards we maintain, and our emphasis on customer quality.

Client Focused

We are continuously striving to better understand each client's needs and expectations in order to provide the finest solutions to their problems.


We are continuously striving to better understand each client's needs and expectations in order to provide the finest solutions to their problems.

Empowerment & Accountability

We provide a secure environment in which they may make decisions, take action, and provide feedback. Our clients and workers hold us accountable for the decisions we make.

Best Audit

A good auditor can do more than merely review the reports' facts and figures. We do your financial audit and ensure that it is completed professionally.


The philosophy relies on information sharing. We openly share our knowledge with one another and with our clients. We guarantee complete openness in our services and prices.